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Page 4 - Honda Trail 70H
Honda Trail 70H. Four speed with clutch. Pretty darn sought after. Sometimes it is a stroke of luck to come across a cool $50 bargain like this and it was only 3 miles from my house. I started to work on this in the winter of 04. I spent 100 hours researching, repairing, repainting and loving this kooky little bike. I invested $800 in NOS and reproduction parts. This thing has never failed to start but still needs a carb rebuild and there is a noise in the clanging in third gear. I need to sell it before it eats me alive...Call 860 651 5229 (jim)
This Teal and Cream Fat Boy Soft tail is actually my brother John, Jr's. This bike has about the best profile of all the Harley Davidsons from any year. The two tone here is just FABulos. The wide pipes are a bit too loud. He can't drive through the ghetto with out a cascading wave of car alarms following him all the way. You know what I mean...



The Museum loaned out a number of bike to the director of the movie "Indian Hill" that was filmed in Portland, CT.