The New England Muscle Bicycle Museum. The motorbikes page 33.

This is one of the motorcycles that I had fallen in love with years ago. I never seemed to be in the right place at the right time to buy one. I did not want to piece one together and I hoped to find a nice running original machine. This bike became available from Cotswolds Classics located North of London in England. The transaction was a happy one and the price was reasonable, but you will not have your hand held during the process. I hope it helps here that I say they are trustworthy and dependable.



Note the unique front fender on this 1959 Triumph T21 350cc. The factory has adapted the pedestrian slicer plate to fit the unique shape of the fender. The way the headlight nacellle sweeps back over the triple tree and down into the forks may be my favorite feature of this 21 CI bathtub Triumph.  I have never likes the light metallic blue on the Healeys, and still do not love it here, but anything is better than the burgundy that I see often on the 3 and 5 TA bikes.


The pic above is so big that you can see all the imperfections like the incorrect tail light, paint on the bracket and how the "Triumph" has worn off the seat back.