The New England Muscle Bicycle Museum. The motorbikes page 31.



The great looking bike here is a 1959 BMW R26. She is 250cc single cylinder, shaft driven pokey trawler that can barely get out of her own way. Rest assured, you will likely be the very first in a long, long line of vehicles when you ride her (for sure if there is no passing lane). This machine was made in a different time and with a different attitude towards the open road. This was able to keep up safely when people were less selfish and distracted.  

I have taken to calling this bike "Earl" even though I think of anything I ride as female. I have her here in front of the other German in my life "Olive". When I ride Olive, I am sure not to wear red, as I look like a pimento. Cheers.


This is how it looks when I take a picture with my chin on the ground!