Page 19 - 2000 Kawasaki W650

This 2000 Kawasaki W650 is said to have been designed to resenble the Kawasaki twins from 66 - 68. That is a load of crap. This smells, feels and tastes like a 60's Triumph Bonneville. It has been customized by the previous owner. I will put her back to mostly stock and have some "after" pics to go with these "before pics" here. The bars, mirrors, blinkers, rear fender, emblems, decals and cables are incorrect. So far, I am tickled with the speed and looks of the bike. The handling is a bit top heavy and tends to dive a bit in a slow corner.

2000 Kawasaki W650

These last 2 shots are the "After" pics of the bike with a new correct rear fender ($227) and the original badges, blinkers and tail light. The side "W650" decals are on back order. I like this so much better than the denuded generic bike it was. She is now proudly slanty eyed as she should be!

The change from stock that I made was to relocate the blinkers to the frame mount in an effort to keep the new fender from getting fatal vibration cracks. They seem to be prone to this design flaw.
This purchase was a very nice experience. Mike C. from Sudbury, MA is a rare gentleman who was honest and helpful in making this quick and complete.