Page 15 - 1958 Tomahawk


Ok, so this is a boat tail, but it is not a motorcycle or is it? This 1958 Tomahawk was made in Wisconson in the same plant that Harley bought most of in 1960 and the same plant that made the fiberglass fairings, bags, side cars and yes; the XLH boat tail. The Super Seahorse 35 is a very dependable motor made even more useful as it has only had 16 tanks of gas run through it in this boats lifetime.

The original owner died in 1990 and it has been in the corner of the New Milford, CT marina building gathering dust. GOD, I love these fins! THe seats look they are from a 50's diner and the windshield froma 59 Caddy. I will leave space for an "in the water" shot from sometime summer 2007 Stay tuned...