Page 1 - 1965 Harley Davidson Sprint 250

This powerful little motor bike was made in Italy (by Italians) at what once was "Aeronautica Macchi" until 1961 when HD bought 50% to create "Aermacchi Harley Davidson". This may well explain why the kick stand is on the right side and the kick starter is on the left. As we all know Italians are almost all left handed (and legged to be sure).

Nothing, however, can explain why the speedometer rotates clockwise from 12 o'clock.. Surely this could be understood south of the equator where this is natural, but there is little rhyme or reason for it in this hemisphere. These cables need to be replaced all the time due to the most unnatural rotation and the stress it creates.
The shifter and brake are swapped just as they were on the sportsters of the era. It takes a few moments to adjust when switching from a big twin or one of the hondas to this little guy.

The seat on this, although pretty neat is not right. The paint is original.

November 20th in Connecticut. With the ocean close and a constant battle between the Canadian north winds and the southerly flow... Mark Twain said it well from about 6 miles from where this photo was taken; " If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute". This time next week there may be 20" of snow. But until then, buzz around on something fun. Yep, that blurry blip is me and the 1965 doing about...65!