The New England Muscle Bicycle Museum. The Bicycles page 69. 

The Museum has located the "mantis" style handle bars that are the trademark of this Stelber Gemini (thanks to Trevor and Rick) and I began to seek out good pictures of the set up the bike was to have, when it was delivered to the dealer. I had the very early advertisement above from "The American Bicyclist" and the ad we have seen on George Barris' site with the kid on the green one riding on a huge '1968' painted on the floor. 

The bike above is a 3 speed with a chain guard screen rocket type flair, long chrome Shimano click shifter and the brand new [in May 1967] sprung sport Troxel Banana seat with the striping and plastic numbers on both rear sides. The bars have a combination of white tape and seat colored grips with a space between the levers and grips with chrome bars showing. Note the "Available in 5 and 10 speed gears"

Below is a 10 speed bike with no chain guard, regular banana seat with matching grips and tape. The shifter is hard to see but seems to be a twin stick chrome unit. Too bad that the kid's leg and foot hide the front derailleur






Here is the only Gemini that I have ever seen in person. This bike is the 5 speed version and this one came to me with wide standard bars. I have returned the tall Rams horn bars to the bike as a personal preference and because they are shown in the literature. I chose to put the white tape like the 3 speed had as the seat and grips matched well. There is some glitter to the seat, but it is not silver it is white.


Weird match up of a 20x1 3/8 front wheel with a 20 x 1.75 rear wheel. I think I have to locate white wall tires for this.


The German levers came on the bike. Below: See the original screening on the 5 speed guard is different from the 3 speed picture above. Signed by George Barris.


I rode this a few days ago. The ad is correct. It is a beautifully proportioned light weight Charger. Even an Adult can raise the seat and have plenty of room to ride in comfort due to the ridiculous handle bars. The ride is nimble and responsive. I can't wait until I get a striped shirt, high tops with black socks and highwaters  ...