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Page 62 - Dragstripper in green and a 5 Speed Sting Ray.

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  Great! Now I have to buy another plane ticket to West Hollywood to get this signed... Anyway, This is an earlier Dragstripper with the old style chain guard and regular seat. I want the sissy bar to the axle type next. I love the lame racing stripes. Neat 'tight to the rear wheel' fender. I got to find the plugs for the frame tubes...'  
    This Campus Green Sting Ray looks a bit dusty, but is a very nice example of a slightly used original bike. This is how I like to find them. That Coppertone fastback next to it pretty darn nice also. Sorry for the bad pic, I did not want to bang this up when I pulled it out of the tight space it is in. It is kind of a neat angle with that Mach 5 and Screamer 2 in the distance. I recently took stock of the bikes in the museum when I added the price link. I then realized that there were 10 or more bikes that I never took pics of..more on that later.