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Page 61 - NOS Apollo and a NOS Oxford GT 7.

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  This unridden Ross Apollo 5 speed is the nicest one that I have ever seen. This is the last incarnation of this storied bicycle. It has the unattractive gum walled knobbie tires, Battlestar Galactica grips and the why bother stem shifter. It does have a cool free wheeling crank... er , for what, maybe Ross himself knows. Pedals are missing. Must have been left in the box...  
  This NOS bike came from Sydney, Australia by the way of Canada. Ian Berry, a Minister in the "Church of What's Happening Now", drove 8 hours to the Museum to deliver it personally. Well done! The bike was found by Ian in a bike shop loaded with new relics from the past in his native 'Down Under'. This 24" Balloon tyred dragster bike has perfect. The bike has it's hang tags and the seat and fenders are still bagged. As long as I own it, it will never be ridden. That is a shame, as it looks like an adult would ride in comfort.