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Page 60 - 10 speed Chopper and a dirty Lemon Peeler (maybe) or perhaps a 24" Columbia.

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  Yea! I found another very presentable 10 speed Chopper. I still get a little wood when I come across such a fragile beast in this condition. Looks to me like this has the original tyres still. I slapped the dopey mirror and head light on her... I guess I think the expensive models would have been likely to get out fitted with all the Crapoola available at the time. I should go out a get a hooter for it. This is orange, so it is a 1970. This is not quite nice enough for Lamont. He is one finicky collector!
   This came from Maine, kind of like Tom's Tooth Paste or mayhap Poland Spring water. Maybe it was Stephen King's Bike...
   When this arrived at the museum, it was next to a nice Lemon Peeler in the pick up bed. Wanda had the sense to grab the Peeler and make it her own. No one can remember if she actually paid for it or not. I will show it below if she ever cleans it and takes a pic of it. Pretty unlikely, though as it has been months since she obtained it and she acts like the filth does not bother her. Email Wanda and ask her to clean her Lemon Peeler: . If we all ask her nice like, maybe she will do it.
   I am not promising that it will be clean once she is done. I saw what happened when she washed her car. It looked as if bending over was not an option, no how. Seems she used wet pointy sticks instead of cloths and no soap. I guess if you can't wash your car in 15 seconds you have no business trying at all.
  Since Wanda has not cleaned the lemon as of yet, I will use lemon colored letters in the hopes that she will feel inspired to clean up her bike. Above we see a 24 inch Columbia 3 speed. Red line tires and deep bucket saddle offset the wide bars. I can't remember where this one is or even if I still own it. This thing is not too common. The paint is black metallic.