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Page 51 - The Scorcher, a Rail and an Femmy Road Runner.

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  This AMF "Scorcher" comes to me from Mark Wilson. Nice and clean with good paint, chrome and decals. There is even a pretty intact pin stripe along the swooping top bars. Dual white line  tires and an AMF head light dress this old girl up. Big and long for us big kids. The rear wheel is a bit whibblie. The pedals have since joined the bike. Thanks Mark!  
  Nice original Huffy Rail in the about the best color that these were made in. Red lined tires match the red lined pedals. This is from Lou S. who got it from the original owner, who being a meticulous kind of kid, was likely to grow up to be a dentist or maybe a cruise director. This is both too nice to ride AND too nice not to ride.  
  You have to wonder if the acid inspired seat really came on this Girlie Iverson Road Runner. This maybe my favorite Road Runner as it does not pretend to be a boys bike and lets it's feminity shine through. Kind of a Road Runner that has been outed! Paint my rims and give me a basket, you brute...   1