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Page 48 - The Orange Krate Kopy rack.

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  This Grand Master 20 x 16 is a Japanese Muscle Bike that has matching white wall tires (Hwa Fong HT Nylon), Sun Tour stick shift and rear derailleur, unique sissy bar, wide bars, cool gooseneck, white saddle with a plastic coated leather look orange insert and 3 piece crank. I have never seen another one of these. The Grimeca hub is chromed! Wheeee...  
  I have assembled a few of the similar bikes, mostly from 1969 here in the museum rack that used to hold the little Muscle Bikes. This rack looks just terrible due to the different shades of orange that the manufacturers used back then. I was so disappointed when we finished it a took a step back to view the handy work. Top: Schwinn Orange Krate who needs no introduction, Grand Master from above, The Barris Iverson that I won't shut up about, the Airwing Kool Kats "Orange Peel" is possibly the biggest crap box here and the AMF "Fast One" that has the only not cantilevered frame in the pile. All of these have 16" drum wheels, long forks, ape hangers, slick rear tires, banana or bucket saddles, chrome fenders and orange paint. I have always been a fan of a nice rack.