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Page 45 - The Ross model 494-3 Barracuda Beast with the Futura steering wheel.

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  Deluxe Barracuda Model no. 494-3 Boys "Barracuda Beast" in flamboyant magenta. ( Patent pending.)  * New chrome adjustable "Futura" Sportscar steering wheel with chrome ball lamp * New glitter sit-in bucket seat with 36" sissy bar * New front drum brake plus rear caliper brake * New 3 speed chrome stick shift console * Frame American full length 4 bar cantilever (from the original brochure provided by Mark Wilson!)
   I am glad to have this great 1969 icon. These seem to have been offered with factory corrosion. Nice ones are tough as the paint will chip off if the dog barks near it.
The bloody nose view from the cockpit. I bet you felt a little superior to the kid next to you on his Apollo.
   Well sure you did, he was pushing it around, most likely.