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Page 44 - Rand Superia, Black Eliminator 5 speed and the AMF the "Fast one" coaster 16 x 20.

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  Rand Superia. I have no information on this bike. It looks West German with the design and parts, but I can find no proof. Unique in many ways, this fresh look at muscle bike design has a 23" long shifter console in chrome and wood grain, dual drum brakes, 5 speed stick, chrome muffler like "Protecto- gear" derailleur cover, motorcycle style front fork with no function chrome over coil springs, 1/2" into 5/8" sissy bar (is there a tall sissy bar hidden inside the lower legs?), Great banana seat with extra padding at the tail bone, 4 way adjustable handle bars, British reflector on the seat pan, reflectorless block pedals, chrome flared fenders, head light and "Ideal" WW tyres.  
  Here pictured is the  Murray Eliminator. This replaces the restored one I have had for years. This is a nice original bike in very nice shape. The guard is tough to find in even this condition. The 36" sissy bar has that great open pad that I have only seen in ads prior to getting this balls out classic. Photo taken at night of a black bike. Pure optimism...    
  1969 AMF Roadmaster the "Fast one" 20 x 16 coaster. This unsung bike is simple and clean. I like the lines and crisp elegance this bike exudes. Glitter tape and no grips, drum brake (rare on a base model), chrome fork braces, deep bucket silver glitter saddle and added streamers. This came with white wall tires. This bike feels nice when ridden and is comfortable for an adult