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Page 43 - 1969 Columbia Mach 5 and the Vista Banana original yellow.

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  The 1969 Columbia Mach 5 20/16. This beauty replaces the 1970 piece with the pedal scrape. Are we getting picky? This bike is tops! One year only steering bar, Green glitter Messenger racing striped seat and pad, Uniroyal chain 175 front WW tire and a Trelleborg WW knobby!
   Breath taking...
    1969 Vista Banana 5 speed. I guess these were made in 1, 3 and 5 speeds. I have not seen any single speed bikes as I have never seen the single speed SS1. I do seek them!
   This is simply the nicest Banana I have ever seen. All original!
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  Here is the new Dilly! 1968 sturmey 3 speed in original condition 9. This even has a perfect seat. Good thing, too as this would be one tough seat to find. I was surprised to find this with white wall tires. I guess I will have to sell the old Dilly now. Not the purple one...I mean the 69 green one...   1