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Page 42 - Sears Screamer 2 MAG and the Top Drag 200 16/20.

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  I am so pleased to have this Mag wheeled Screamer. I just do not see these things in the wild. This one is a very nice original bike with the gold green fade, red lined tires and pedals, sprung sissy bar, the coolest sears seat, butterfly bars and a parking brake.
   I used to look at the advert for these bikes and wonder if they made only a handful and if one would ever come my way...Now where the hell is my Yellow Bird or Rogue or Gemini or Bandito or my...
  This Rollfast "Top Drag 200" is the rare 16/20 version of the more often seen 16/24 bike.Crazy sprung tall sissy bar, green glitter pad and seat by messenger, long sprung fork, Uniroyal chain 175 front tire and a wonderful Uniroyal "Top Drag" redlined slik, shimano speed selector works a Lark derailleur. Oh yeah, the oogly bag for the twistie bars.