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Page 41 - Firestone GTO "Wheel", 1963 1/2 Sting Ray and the Grants Slingshot Deluxe.

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  Firestone GTO "Wheel" Burnt orange paint on the fenders with a matching seat insert. Odd non huffy steering wheel, red lined tires, Ross like crank, 48" sissy bar and Rollfast style guard. Not really nicer than the Huffy "The Wheel" but comforting like a raw steak on a black eye.  
  The first Schwinn Sting Ray! A 1963 and 1/2 in as found condition with a repainted and rescreened guard. My Fav color Flamboyant Lime. The knobby is a 65 vintage and the front tire may be original. The emblem is a no "chicago" repro, the reflector is a NOS Hunt-wild solo polo accessory. I have elected to keep the bike frame original, as it is not too bad. The rear wheel is a 36 spoke and I believe it to be correct as well as the front wheel. This came from the original owner.
   Looks like a tough guy.

  Here is a nicer Grants Slingshot 5 speed to replace the previous museum piece. This one is very much like the old except it has a cool 36" sissy with a persons full floating saddle. The painted guard is typical Grants. This is a Huffy made bike.