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Page 40 - Glitter Bug and The Flying Wedge 005.

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  Right! What goes from purple to pink to purple to pink and has a redline slick? This thing! The B. F. Goodrich Challenger "Glitter Bug 20 + 16". Woah. The bad guys won't steal this one, they would rather see who gets on it and then introduce them to world o' hurtin'. Murray made "F" series frame, sprung 36" sissy bar, Pink covered pretzel bars with reverse levers and matching covers, Troxel saddle with silver painted ribs and gulco reflector, 3 speed shimano and spaceliner style fork!
   Rare to find with out blood on the seat or rust spots from tears.
  More Color!!!
   Here we have a cool rarity: The Roadmaster "The Flying Wedge 005" (Screeech.) Drab solid orange to a Flamboyant lime! AMF 5 speed click shift operates the Shimano Eagle derailleur, "The Fast One" RWL slik and front tires, Wedge frame, but "Aero Bee" guard! [How nifty is that???], Troxel dip nose and screened black seat with a rectangular reflector and feeoo- ugly AMF bars. Very Striking!