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Page 39 - NOS Vista Torino 500 and Roadmaster "Fantastic One V" 16/20.

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  This splendid muscle bike is a Roadmaster "Fantastic One V" five speed 16/20. Cool despite itself, this bike was made at a time when a Orange to Coppertone fade was offered with a straight face. Now I smirk just looking at it. Ghad!
   The Graphics are faded on this side. I think that the sissy bar should have the adjustment holes up by the saddle and maybe the tape should be black, but I am pretty happy with the correctness and condition of this bike otherwise...
   It was recently ridden in a Parade and was VERY comfy. It is a respectable wheelier to boot! Walk into the museum and look up. She hangs from the ceiling as you enter.
  Vista Torino 500. This NOS bike has never been ridden. It was found in a bike shop in New York and was missing a few bits. I have found the correct NOS bars and grips, the NOS sissy and pedals that are close to correct and an incorrect but perfect NOS 'Persons' Tiger striped saddle completing this bike to better than original condition.
   This was top of the line for the Torino bikes. Model H40-5 Torino 500, 5 speed Huret Derailleur. The Brochure called this beautiful color: 'Coffee'. Dig the Shimano stick and overload tube coupled with a Huret derailleur and Shimano cluster. Odd factory offering..
   What is a Torino, anyway? Special thanks to Steve from Sayville, L.I., NY. This is the first of 3 rare bikes that he has sold to the museum at much less than he paid. A true supporter of the two wheeled arts!