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Page 34 - 1968 Sears Screamer, Iverson 3 speed Road Runner and the one and only Rollfast Wing Ding

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  1968 Sears Screamer. This is a very nice condition early bike in a simple single color.The signature bars have reverse levers above a sprung 16" wheel with no brake. Dual calipers stop the rear 5 speed slick. Black early banana seat rides on the sprung sissy bar for that squirrelly feel. Single stick console. Abbreviated chainguard over Never chain wheel.  
  Purple Iverson Road Runner 3 speed. Painted fenders have pin striping and the forks have fake springs. Shimano click shifter works the shinamo rear wheel. The seat, although in good shape, has gone all squidgy. Silver streamers are in the grips on the multiplely adjustable bars. I sho' do like purple...  
  Rollfast Wingding. Has anyone seen one of these before? Simply elegant, long frame and wide bars. I have Leo Murphy to thank for bringing this to the museum and making an offer that I could not refuse. This appears to be a nice original bike.