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Page 33 - Huffy "Green Draggin", Mossberg 3 speed and sears "Spyder".

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  Grants "Greed Draggin".
 Groovy Green paint in great condition. Nice Huffy stripes on the fenders. Thin black saddle, persons sissy bar, Bendix 70-J coaster hub, sling shot crank, white reflector pedals, parking brake with the wrong console.
  Mossberg 3 speed.
 AMF made? This bike has a few uncommon bit on her like; a chrome cast fork with holes in it, shimano grip shifter, Messinger "Monster" seat, louvered chrome guard, Initial tag on the lower tube and Carlisle RWL tires. Respectable
  Sears Spyder 5 speed.
   Looks like a huffy product. Unique Huret shifter in a wrap around chrome console with SR symbol. Groovy sissy bar has GREAT pad that matches the seat. Red lined tires, shimano derailleur and pull down bars. This is a keeper.