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Page 32 - The Wheel 3, CI "Ringer" and Columbia "The Dilly" in green.

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  Huffy "The Wheel III". How rare is this? Check out the weird Shimano 3 speed coaster hub, with the bell crank on the left side! I had never seen one of these until I got this and 45 others from long time off brand collector Brad Chupic. Thanks Brad!

   Almost perfect original bike with Shimano "click shift" hidden with the wood grained chrome console, Tall HBR, 2.125 dual redline slick, matching 20x 1 3/8 front, Nice persons saddle and matching red wheel with nice dragster insert.

   Virtually no scuffing on the sissy top, pedals or wheel. Oddly bent forks with touch up on them. Did this kid ride this into wall at his birthday party, never to ride it again? Sissy.
  CI "Ringer"
   Darn goofy 5 speed with Suntour gooseneck mounted stick shift and console. "Easy Running" pedals, 3 piece crank, squared off banana seat,  Red line tyres, nutty sun tour derailleur and protector and way neat sissy bar that has the short sissy bar bend at the top.
   Japanese. One of two Japanese muscle bikes in the museum. Both are unique and quirky cool.
  Columbia "The Dilly" as most of us have seen in brochures. No two seats and grips are the same on this model. Shimano 3 speed, sprung rear sissy bar,  sprung seat at the front 20 x 16 configuration and grimeca drum wheel up front The seat is so busty that the splits are hard to see. Very nice paint and chrome and slight pedal scrape. What is up with kids who hear the Rhythmic tic, tic, tic of a pedal wrecking paint and do nothing to stop it?