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Page 31 - Iverson Roadrunner and NEW Raleigh USA Chopper in chrome.

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  Iverson Roadrunner. Yellow muscle bike with a great profile. Multiple handle bar positions make this jr sized bike big enough for almost anyone to ride. Fake springs, Barris guard, yellow stripped seat and nutty sissy bar make this bike a museum entry and not a $99 surplus bike  
  2005 Raleigh USA Chopper MK3. Many differences exist between this USA bike made in chine and the UK bike made in Viet Nam. The faux seat strap is absent from the US version, there are subtle tube bend changes in the handle bars, sissy bar, rack, steer tube and others. The USA bikes have the old mk1 extended eurostile bold graphics where as the UK has the MK2 italicized graphics. The fake shifter decal on the UK bike is now a plain R and stripe on the US bike. Oddly, there is a chain wheel with 3 herons on it adorning the US bike. Better pedals can be found on this model. Very nice in chrome, or is it bare aluminum?