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Page 30 - A nice Apollo and the Green Vista Banana

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  The Ross Apollo! This metallic light brown 5 speed has a number of unique features. The seat is white the shifter is huge, the bars are low and the grips are color matched. I am not sure what is correct here, but it all looks right to me. Cool RWL tires and early type screened lettering makes this bike a bit nicer. I hate this one less than most Apollo...  
  The Vista Banana 3 speed in green! Fabulous original 16 / 20 muscle bike with a shimano stick actuating a sturmey archer S3C coaster brake, oddly there is still a rear caliper brake. Union generator set and cool front light shines ahead of one of the rarest muscle bikes ever made. This bike is basically unridable due to how fragile the seat back has become with age.