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Page 27 - Marlboro Bronco, NOS Murray Bobbi, Coast to Coast 16+20 Hummer.

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    Coast to Coast "20+16 Hummer" Tough to find in any condition, this is a rebadged Ross "Barracuda Beast".  Signature Headlight on the front fender bracket. Black seat with color matched stripe. The first color (Green) can be seen through the paint chips in the maroon paint. This has not been repainted since it left the factory. Ross must have refitted some painted Beasts into Hummers!  
      NOS Murray Eliminator "Bobbi". Miss Maggie is seen here straddling an unridden example of a basic girlie bike. Flower seat and magenta paint help make this a bit feminine. I think it need a basket with a picture of David Cassidy in it.

   Cool chrome winged chainguard with "Bobbi" on it.
    Marlbobo "Bronco" with sturmey archer 3 speed. Almost the exact bike as a Vindec "High Riser". Paint, decals and the chrome on the fenders is the only difference that I can see.
   Another 16x20 ! Just how many are there...
   Made in England by people with thick accents.