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Page 24 - Mark 2 and 3 Raleigh choppers in Ultraviolet, 1967 Schwinn Fastback in 5 speeds.

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Left is a 2004 Raleigh Chopper MK 3 British Edition. Made in Vietnam. In Aluminum. By teenagers from the look of the welds. I had been contact by a member of the pre-design team a few years ago and when asked for my input, I told them:  Stick to the original design, make a MK1 with better welds, offer a console shifter and label it for "Display use only".  I do not dislike this bike and am thrilled that it has become a reality I love the stripped fenders! No, I do not know what they were thinking with that seat... or the chain guard...or the pedals and crank.. or the BMX gooseneck ...I believe that this purple MK3 was designed to mimic:

The MK2 Ultraviolet AW 3 speed Chopper shown on the right. This one is a C9 example !with perfect paint and chrome  but a small rip in the seat cover. perfect spray line tyres, the rear being a knobbie dunlop redline fatty. Note the stripe location.
1967 Schwinn Fastback Sting ray 5 speed. All original bike with some yellowing of the decals and seat. C9 bike with a mirror, lever covers and streamers. Too nice to ride. Even the tires are USA schwinn originals! Somehow, these ugly 67 bars look at home on the Fastback.