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Page 23 - Western Flyer Miss Buzz Bike Eliminator, Murray Ram Rod 16 convertible, 65 Huffy cheater slick.

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Western Flyer "Miss Buzz Bike" Eliminator. Bold girlie bike with a boys frame! Tempered with metallic teal paint, Flowered seat and basket. Mirror, multi colored spoke covers, whip flag, mirror and water bottle off set the vintage stickers all over "Kim's" Bike.

Murray "Ram Rod" convertible! Solid 16" wheels, sprung solo saddle with rail, lemon lyme fade, Convertible bar shown in place, and front rack with a 1971 "SSP" Blackjack with T handle ready to rip...
Landmark Bike! 1965 Huffy "Cheater Slik". The very first bike with a slik tire! Actually named after the tire. Actually spawned an entire series of bikes named after a tire!

   White painted rims, persons solo polo saddle, red painted fenders with white pin stripes like the 1950's  bikes had. Very nice example of an unknown classic.