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Page 18 - Bicentennial Schwinn Sting Ray 3 speed, Iverson Dragstripper 5 speed, CCM Marauder 3 speed and the Ross Bicentennial 3 speed.

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    Well! I must say that I never liked the Rays after 1973, but as I mellow with age and become less of a prick, I can admit that this is a pretty neat bike! 1976 Schwinn Sting Ray Bicentennial 3 speed Ray. C9 with a bit of yellowing of the paint. All correct. I am a bit sad that this is someone else's generation Sting ray.  
  NOS (yet with 3 vintage stickers on it)This Iverson 5 speed Dragstripper is a true beauty????. Slight scratching leads me to believe that this is one more relic from the Hogies shop in Hawthorne, New Jersey. God , how I wish I had the foresight to by the stuff first hand.
   Hang tags in place, NOS light to shine the way if anyone ever rides this after I am dead. Mark my words, I will haunt the bastard who rides my NOS bikes when  I am gone...
    Miss Maggie, fresh back from Texas, here is supporting a NOS (see Carlos' definition of NOS below) CCM Maurader. I have always liked the unique frame and chain guard on these bikes ( The Wedge too) This 16/20 Canadian Muscle Bike sports a triple tree fork, shimano 3sp wheel, cables hidden in the sheet metal frame member, a chopper style striped seat and stubby sissy bar. Cool 'Tractor Grip GTX 442' RWL tyres.  

This bike was purchased from a Carlos Provenzano as "a NOS CCM with a few chips in the paint". Good money changed hands. When the bike arrived I was happy to see a good packing job, but was dismayed to see (and I counted) 349 chips in the paint. Chips are hard to see in the pic above and were not detectable in Carlos pictures and were not truthfully represented. When I objected, he would not take the bike back, nor remit any money. And so it goes...

  NOS 1976 Ross Bicentennial 3 speed. White with red and blue accents on the seat, stickers, grips and streamers. Wonderful Sturmey almost stick shifter.