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Page 14 - Very early 3+2 chopper, NOS Raleigh Chopper 10 speed, 1970 Raleigh Chopper pumpkin 3 speed and a girlie Iverson Dragstripper.

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  The New England Muscle Bicycle Museum: The bikes page 14.  
  Raleigh Chopper. This is an original paint example of the first raleigh choppers produced. Note the rear brake cable running through the main tube and the backwards rear caliper mount. Dated 1968 s5 sturmey hub is actuated by the NOS 3+2 twin stick shifter. Early radius chainguard, tall frame, down facing cleat, no springs, unique seat pan, gooseneck and bars are typical of the early 1969 model This bike has a shorter sissy bar between the bottom and the tabs than the other 69s. The kick stand is factory welded steeper than the other 69 bikes. If the tyres are low on air, this will fall over! The bars are shorter at the grips also. I have repaired the 3 frame breaks and matched the color local to the welds.    


I have added the NOS 10 speed parts to this NOS ten speed frame. The only incorrect part here is the remanufactured derailleur cage. I have never put the chain on it. I did add the 2 head lights, tail light and mirrors.

Who knows what is correct for this important piece of Raleigh history. I have kept the guard clip, but have lost track of the 3 speed parts as, at the time, I deemed them wrong and not important. I got most of the Chopper things from that shop and let a lot slip through my hands. This bike came with a NOS in the box girl 3 speed in Horizon Blue that I do miss. It also came with a 69 HBR with full chrome backing plate, inner tabs and Radius pad. See Below!

    69/70 Raleigh Chopper ten speed. This bike is NOS. It is painted  chopper yellow from the factory. THERE IS NO SERIAL NUMBER! This bike came from Vandal's Cyclery in New Bedford This bike was reputed to be used in the photo shoot in front of the Constitution in Boston Harbor. In the pics from that shoot of the yellow 5 speed Chopper, it is plain to see that the frame is a 10 speed frame by the space between the seat tube and the rear fender. This bike has a detachable chain guard clip that held the guard for the shoot. When I got this bike in the Raleigh box from Bill Vandal, it was set up as a 3 speed complete with rear wheel, shifter, guard and clip and crank. The Raleigh head badge is affixed with glue.  






Above is a better shot of the 10er. 1  
This 1970 orange 3 speed chopper may be the very most common chopper in the USA. The Orange was a very popular and in 1970 the chopper was the bike most kids wanted to own. The three speed was a fair deal at about $100 tax included.    
  Iverson lil' Miss, the girl companion to the Dragstripper. Originally a deep purple, most of these have faded to a grey or violet. The flowered seat is Nifty. Dual redline slik and matching front tire always melt a girl's heart...