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Page 10 - Moulton 4 speed, Raleigh RSW, Schwinn Lemon Peeler 1969, Schwinn Mini Twinn 1968 and the Raleigh Chopper Targa Mustard HBR 1971.

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    Moulton 4 speed or more likely the Huffy-Moulton 4 speed since this is a 1965 USA model. Not a muscle bike, but an indirect progenitor of the Raleigh Chopper. Alex Moulton built this unique road bike  in the early 1960's, causing Raleigh to build the RSW to compete with it. The RSW steer tube, Main frame tube, front fork, crank, pedals, kick stand were all present in the first edition Chopper.
   This Moulton features full suspension, high pressure 16" tyres, S/A FW hub, detachable racks and dyno lighting. This is an unrestored original bike.
  Raleigh RSW. Utilizing balloon tyres instead of suspension, this beautiful 1966 model is almost unmarked. Note the cables through the frame as later copied in the very first Choppers made. White Dunlop 16x2 tyres have the same tread as the future red line chopper fronts and the rims are pure chopper fronts...    
    Schwinn Lemon Peeler. Restored nicely and excellent riding, this is my beach bike. I have put 100's of miles on her over the past 5 years.  
  Schwinn Mini Twinn. Tandem Stingray with a bendix yellow band 2 speed hub. Bought at the Lars Anderson show a few years ago, I had to recover the seats, add the rear wheel and new rubber. I believe there should be white walls on this bike. 1968 one year only.   1  
    Raleigh Chopper 'Targa Mustard' 3 speed MK1 UK only HBR edition. Only this model was this colour. Note the thin HBR pad. Original bike in C9.The targa mustard is a brownish orange.  
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